I am a 44 year-old mum of one and a survivor of life! I have a history of illness, including chronic depression, which spanned from age 8 to age 40. I am no stranger to what it takes to be resilient against the odds – I have learnt what it takes and I want to extend this to my community- to You.

How did I bounce back to health at 40+?
I believed I could! My forte in having the ability to problem solve. I wanted to find a way to increase my mental clarity and boost my energy…to ‘biohack’ my body. With the help of Dave Asprey and the Bulletproof® community, I began a journey from chronic pain to ultimate gain. I transformed the days of tears and fears to days of joy and energy!

Why help others?

Years ago, I asked my doctor how other women coped with chronic depression. She spoke of the hidden reality of many of her patients who were experiencing mental illness like me. Many who appeared to be ‘coping’ as successful and productive members of society would come into her office and melt …allowing the truth to come out. The illnesses and challenges didn’t discriminate and affected corporates, tradesmen, the unemployed, parents, students, and children. I realised I wasn’t alone in my struggles and resolved that when I got well, I would help others to do the same. This moment became not an IF… but a WHEN…

Why Bulletproof®?

…finding Bulletproof® for me was like finding the ‘golden ticket’ in Willy Wonka!

Over the years, I spent thousands of dollars on health supplements, medical expenses and therapists… all in the pursuit of wellness. Yet, they didn’t seem to work. The Bulletproof® products gave me the health results I was looking for. As more and more friends became intrigued in my rapid transition to wellness, bringing the Bulletproof® line of products to New Zealand seemed necessary. 

We’ve rebranded Primal Culture – Bulletproof Coffee and Products Facebook page to Biohacker NZ – Premium Supplements. We’re looking forward to sharing biohacking updates, new product releases and other interesting stuff with everyone on there in the coming weeks. If you don’t follow us on social come and join the community