BiohackerNZ joins up with Biohackers.Global for Community Support

As part of our commitment to the community, we have joined forces with the International meet up group

Why? – We are committed to growing a space for wellness in the form of open conversation in the community. These groups have been making an impact internationally and we now bring this to our own community.. the people in NZ.

The group will cover all sorts of topics from red light to sleep.. movement to nutrition… Energy and natural medicine.

The idea is this can be an open space for people to have an opportunity to be raw and real. Health recovery can be vastly speeded up if we can get to the route of the problem sooner. To do this having  access to people that are like minded means you have a sounding board. This is one of the most valuable tools there is to health. To be heard and acknowledged on your health journey is helpful to all involved in a group. We will also be able to connect you with support within our reliable biohacking for Drs Physio, Coaching and psychology.

Friendship and support is encouraged so we will be building portals via Facebook and our website for you to connect outside the events.

Everyone is welcome.. all we ask is respect for everyone to value everyone’s time to speak and its relevance. Ie. no time wasting wafflers or therapy session. While we do encourage raw openness there are other groups that cater for more general chat.. and we want our group to enable people in positive conversation to build them up. We will also make sure if you need support we can guide you to the appropriate person to support you.

You can join us at

Biohackers AKLD Official

Tuesday, Jul 17, 2018, 6:30 PM

Bloom Integrative
20 Beaumont Street Auckland, NZ

7 Biohackers Attending

DR. VANESSA is New Zealands ultimate Biohacker Dr! Come and join us for a killer session with Dr V. Bring your self and your thirst for knowledge.

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