Bulletproof Coaching

Hello, fellow game-changers! Are you ready to be energised??

Under my guidance, no one gets left behind feeling tired or overwhelmed! Feel better than you did in your 20’s. Hey- 40 is the new 20 where I come from. Lets bring back the joy of life …from home to work to leisure.

Join me in drinking some kick-ass coffee; taking some high performance upgrades; and chatting about how to ‘hack’ your daily routine.

Who Can Benefit from Bulletproof® Coaching?

The simple answer is: everyone! Whether you are a business executive, tradesman, parent, student, or a combination of all, you can benefit from coaching sessions with me. Together, we will explore aspects of your life that seem challenging. Let’s make the unmanageable…manageable!

What is Bulletproof® Coaching?

Bulletproof® coaching is a way of examining your daily routine and making changes to elements that are making you feel un-energised, unhappy, and unwell. Bulletproof® coaching includes one-hour sessions, either in-person or via Skype. During coaching sessions, we work together to ‘hack’ your daily routine by exploring elements of difficulty and incorporating research-based practices to your lifestyle. As a coach, I combine my training under Dave Asprey with my years of experience to guide you in becoming a high-performing individual who feels happy, healthy, and, of course, energised!

What are my qualifications?

In 2016, I received my certification as a Bulletproof® coach, under the guidance of Dave Asprey. I am among the first group of individuals to be trained as certified coaches and New Zealand’s only accredited Bulletproof® coach. My training focused on understanding the human biology and physiology as well as the scientific-based practices used to manage natural tendencies and human responses. I learned how to maximize our body’s performance by incorporating high quality nutrients, including quality fats and proteins, and minerals into one’s diets

Throughout my Bulletproof® Coach training, I’ve found that the approach is deeply connected to the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from my time studying the nature of organics. I have a Level 2 Certification in Organic Horticulture from the New Zealand Qualifications Association, which allows me to provide advice about diet regiments and make suggestions about how to improve food choices.

In 2003, I received a professional status in Bowen Therapy, a practice described as the homeopathy of bodywork. Through my work, I learned how the way we feel- the way our bodies feel- can impact our mind, soul, and physical wellbeing.

My experience working with people began when I studied counselling. I used my certification in counseling to volunteer with New Zealand’s support phone line, ‘life line.’ During this time, I had the opportunity to talk to multiple people, giving me experience in guiding people through life’s challenges and obstacles.

Interested in Bulletproof Coaching?

For all enquiries regarding personal and business coaching and/or workshops, contacts us via phone +021 305 324) or email ([email protected])