Connection as a drug.. take 20 please..

There is no greater supplement than taking a big old dose of community. For all the lotions, potions, remedies and tricks and bits.. we can never go past the healing capacity of the connection between people.

What we cant do is allow this to be a reason to down pints at the pub and dance away the blues or what ails you.

Way too often we look for the easy answers, the next thing to take when what we need is connection from the right people. People that support and lift you up. you know these people easy you feel better when you are with them and when you leave them, These are the people you feel the need to see more of.

If it means a new friend group.. do it. Be brave. Make a stand for yourself and the life you want. Because no one will do it for you. You are your best friend. And that is a good thing. Self care and love is paramount for a healthy life. If you don’t know where to start.. then start anyway anywhere. A walk.. a meetup group… experiment your ass off and enjoy it! At the back of your head always take action knowing that anything can manifest when you choose to get out of your comfort zone. get excited… But what you can be sure of is that nothing will change in state of not taking action.

So go out there.. choose you! and smile at 20 people this week.. see what happens..