Fit In or F–K Off

In life, a lot of people try to be people pleasers.

Its impossible to be happy and please everyone.. The solution…

Its OK to have a Fit in Fuck off attitude at times. Taking liberation in the freedom this statement may offer you power and relief.

Write it out.. hey.. pin it to your door. maybe in the form of letters only. F.I.O.F.O!

Fele teh energy you get from making it ok to protect yourself from what does not serves you.

Even if its someone you’d like in your life.. and they have chosen to not treat you like a king or queen.

If someone does not treat you with respect then they automatically get the FIOFO sign. Simple.

And then STAI with it .. Stop thinking about it .. Don’t feed the energy into something over and over. Let it go. Sure, have an offloading winge to your mates but don’t go over and over it and don’t tell everyone.. thats just boring.

All this does is feed into what you are trying to let go of. Self Torture. STUPID. There.. I am spelling it out for you to save you time because YOU DESERVE GOOD in your life. You get to make the choice!