Pain and Resilience

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

I received the gift of pain this week..  That kind where you cannot sleep.

Pain is a gift. The best way to interpret supposedly bad things that happens to us is as a gift to leanr from…

DO NOT get caught up in the why me.. whine whine?

This is not a time to feel sorry for yourself and digress. Instead be mindful. Embrace your pain for what it is. A signal something is not right. Then go from there. See a specialist. take some pain relief. Eat better. Get help. Talk to your boss.. kids.. do what it takes in pragmatic steps. All the while be grateful for what you receive from this. Oxymoron right? Wrong. That’s how a Biohacker thinks differently from the norm and turns opportunities normally perceived as a hindrance into GOLD.

Instead, be thankful for the opportunity to learn and find the value in your conundrum.

Do this and shit will change for you in unexpected ways. Life gets lighter as you learn the lessons presented to us.

Saying that its also the best time to ask and accept support from your community of friends and family.

What happens often is not much changes in our circumstance apart from our PERCEPTION.. so do not overthink it. Just try it on and experiment.. like a Biohacker 😉