DefenderShield Belly Band Shields

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Made with a soft Organic Bamboo/Cotton blend, the The DefenderShield® Belly Band Shields incorporates stretchy advanced shielding to protect you and your unborn baby*.

Perfect for: pregnant women who are more vulnerable to EMF radiation exposure

All Features:

  • Advanced shielding in the front and sides of the Belly Band blocks up to 99% of wireless EMF radiation (300 Hz-10 GHz)*

  • Made with soft and stretchy non-toxic organic bamboo/cotton blend fabric

  • 2 Sizes with a built-in adjustable waistband to accommodate the pre-pregnancy U.S. sizes 2-16

  • Elastic band along the bottom helps keep Belly Band secure

  • Wear under or over clothing – neutral colour doesn’t show through

How to Use:

  • A built-in adjustable elastic waistband and button at the top and soft and stretchy organic fabric with ruching on the sides allows the DefenderShield Belly Band to accommodate your entire pregnancy. 
  • Step into the DefenderShield Belly Band, or pull it over your head and centre the shielding material over your abdomen

  • Pull the elastic strap on the upper right side so the Belly Band fits comfortably above your abdomen, and secure with the button.

  • Wear daily to protect your unborn baby from EMF radiation exposure*


Independent Lab Tested Technology - DefenderShield® Ultra Armor™ 5G Shielding Technology

Pregnancy EMF Radiation Protection Baby Belly Band

* BiohackerNZ Ltd do not make any claims, and have not undertaken any independent testing related to statements made by the manufacturer on the ability of this item to block electromagnet frequencies and 5G radiation.

The information provided is informational only, we have also added links to the manufacturers site and we encourage you to undertake your own research before making a buying decision.


Small Belly Band Specifications:
Weight (lbs): 0.25
Pkg Dimensions (in): 7.5 x 6 x.5
Circumference (in): 22-44

Large Belly Band Specifications:
Weight (lbs): 0.27
Pkg Dimensions (in): 7.5 x 6 x.5
Circumference (in): 24-46

** Model is pre-pregnancy size 4, 5’6″ tall, and 39 weeks pregnant in featured product image, wearing the size small.

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