• DefenderShield® is proud to offer the most effective and best EMF protection shielding in the world. We provide functional and state-of-the-art Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) protection for ultimate safety while using today’s modern mobile technology.

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  • "We are completely converted to bulletproof - hubby has always had instant coffee milk and 2 sugars he tried 1 bulletproof coffee and hasn’t looked back. We both have cut our coffee intake down using this amazing pure coffee to a cup of bulletproof in the morning and that sustains our fast until lunchtime. "

    Jane Bell

  • "I really like Coconut Charcoal as it is effective and helps when needing to remove toxins"

    Nadia Gagne

  • "Unflavoured Collagen Protein Powder Of all of the collagen protein powders I have looked into this one has the highest amount of collagen in it which is one of the reasons I buy it. The other reason is that it dissolves perfectly into my hot coffee in the morning, leaving no lumps, unlike many other powders."

    Karen Bridgman